About Me

       My name is Gregory Crouser. I am a Hudson Valley based Real Estate Photographer & I’m also an FAA certified Licensed Drone Operator.


Why You Want Me To Shoot For You:

 * 27 years of film production experience. I have worked with world class Photographers, Oscar winning Directors, Cinematographers, & Editors in all areas of film production. I’ve shot on location on top of skyscrapers, in the subways, in national museums, at Yankee stadium (both) & in thousands of private residences’ from mansions to small apartments

* As an FAA certified Drone Operator, I can LEGALLY shoot elevated exterior stills & video for you. Current fines are $11K for realtors who utilize aerial drone imagery from an unlicensed operator

* Skilled photo & video editor utilizing Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, & Premiere Pro

* BS in Cinema & Photography from Ithaca College

* Reliable & professional.